Enduro Training, Nerja, Spain

Starting in October 2023, you will have the opportunity to come here for a few days of nice enduro riding with me as a Guide, Trainer and Instructor. Different tracks every day. You will also receive daily technical training and feedback on your driving so that you develop as a driver and can take new tips and ideas home with you. You can also get coaching in how to find the joy and drive in what you want to achieve in life, both with and without a motorcycle.

I have 4 new Husqvarna Fe 350 cc 2024 races ready. The groups will be small so that everyone can get the most out of the enduro course. You as a rider should have good physique and have spent time in the enduro tracks for a few years. Expect 7 hours of effective riding per day. I adjust the course to your ability. And the important thing is that you enjoy driving enduro and want to learn more and develop your riding.

You get three driving days with a lot of driving, development and learning.

What you need is to bring your own motorcycle equipment and book your flight ticket and hotel. Does that sound interesting?

Below is an example of what your stay might look like. You can also bring your family to Nerja and stay for a whole week. When you are in the enduro forest with me, the rest of the family can be on the beach, strolling in cozy Nerja, or make some excursion around the surroundings.

Day 1: Arrive to Nerja and the hotel you booked. Here you have time to explore Nerja with it’s magnificent nature, beautiful beaches, picturesque town center, restaurants and shops.

Day 2-4: Enduro driving. I meet up at the hotel after breakfast and have a review of the day. Then we transport ourselves to the garage to get dressed and start driving. We will start the days with technical training and after that apply the technique in practice out on the different tracks and trails we will drive on. We will drive on different tracks every day.

Day 5-7: Here you have the opportunity to explore Nerja and the beautiful surroundings. Why not visit the caves, visit one of the many beaches, hike in the mountains, wine tasting or take a river hike in Rio Chillar. If you have a car, you can drive up to Sierra Nevada – a ski resort, located 1 hour from Nerja.

What’s included:

Motorcycle rental including normal wear and tear and petrol

Instruction, training and guidance by me.

Lunch for 3 days

A memory for life and possible muscle soreness

Price for 3 days: 750 Euro. Wellness grants apply to enduro

What is not included:

Travel costs to get here

Accommodation ( there are over 700 hotels in Nerja, check out booking.com)

Transfer to and from airport (arrangements for a fee, subject to availability)

Dinners (Nerja has over 600 restaurants and bars)

Abnormal Mc wear, ”If you break it – you pay it”. Parts of the motorcycle that must be replaced are paid on site after completion of the ride before check-out.

Your responsibilities:

That you have a valid motorcycle driver’s license

That you have a valid EU insurance card in case of an accident.

That you drive according to your own ability and follow the traffic rules

All driving is at your own risk and discretion – we do not compensate for any personal injuries.

Enduro courses autumn 2023:

9-11th of October

16-18th of October

8-9th of November, only 2 days (500 euro)

27-29th of November

4-6th of December

11-13th of December

There are 4 seats each time, so it is first come, first served. If you do not find a suitable date or if you want more driving days, contact me and we will solve it. If you and some friends want to come together, you have the opportunity to book some of the above dates just for you. If you whant to bring your own bike and just book enduro school contact me.

Booking and payment:

When booking via the link below.

Payment terms 10 days

If canceled no later than three weeks before the start of the course, 50% of the course fee will be refunded. In case of later cancellation, the course fee will not be refunded. Upon presentation of a medical certificate, however, 50% of the course fee will be refunded.

The fee can be invoiced to companies

Important to include:

Uswe hydration backpack, extra gloves, mirror glass for the glasses, preferably ventilated clothes.

Welcome to register. Please fill out the form below. You can also call me on +4670 3262115 or send me an email: calle@bjerca.com

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