Enduro, Coaching, Training, Reiki & Counselling in Spain

For over 30 years I have been competing within Enduro (Dirtbike) on top level. I have learned a lot from those years. Not only how to train and get my body in shape, but also that I have to prepare my mind to communicate with my body. At first I thought that I only had use for that in my sport, but as I got older – I got wiser. I realized that the mindset I had to perform well as a sportsman, also is useful in my daily life and work.

The path in life is not always as smooth as a highway – it sometimes takes you on a detour and can be filled with challenges that can be hard to handle. Sometimes the shortcuts take longer time, but often they teach us a lot, even though that’s not what we realize in that very moment.

I think that life is like a never ending school and that we never really graduate – we learn as long as we live – if we are willing to develop as human beings.

I think that everybody has the right to feel happy and to live the life they want to live – in harmony and balance.

Here is what I can do for you:

  • Mx and Enduro training/ training camps (individual traning and group training) – I help you to develop your skills in riding, make it safer and more effortless.

  • Coaching – Do you feel that you struggle with something in your life such as : work, realationships, your own well beeing, sports, goals in life, and/or feeling stucked – l give you the tools to move forward, develop and see life from a new perspective.

  • Training Buddy – Do you want to get fitter, lose or gain weight? Or just look after your one and only body who you gonna have your entire life? Or is it hard to get the training done alone? – I help you to get your traning to be done and together we make a realistic plan for you and your training. And also, we make training/exercising fun for you.

  • Reki Healing – It’s an old Japanese energy medicine method to make you relax and feel calm. Reiki reduces stress and can have a pain reducing impact. You lie down comfortably on an bench, I put my hands in different positions over your body (you have your clothes on), you receive the reiki energy that often feels warm and comfortable. You will feel relaxed and calm and have time for recovery and relaxation.

If you want to contact me or make an appointment don’t hesitate to contact me by email: calle@callebjerkert

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